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We employ some of the leading Orem Appliance Repair professionals in the business. All of the services that we provide are of the highest quality, and are always delivered in a timely manner for a reasonable price. No matter what type of appliance that you own, and what type of damage it has sustained, chances are our trained technicians can fix it. Microwaves are some of the most commonly used cooking items both in private homes, and for commercial applications. They are known to preserve key nutrients in the food that they cook, and save time and electricity when compared to other methods. In either case, it is far less costly to repair damage to existing units, than replacing the entire thing. This is especially true for high end commercial models, and built-in microwaves. They are often many times more expensive than their standalone counterparts.

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Washing machines and dryers (or driers) also commonly break down. These appliances make our daily lives much easier both in our homes, and for commercial applications. Commercial washing machines often take a large amount of abuse during their normal use. Replacing units that have stopped working or are working less efficiently can be very expensive. We stock parts for many of the most commonly used makes and models, and can get your washers back up and running in no time. Dryers also commonly break down or need maintenance. They have several weaknesses in their basic design that makes them prone to clogging and fires. The lint and fuzz that are removed from while they are being dried are extremely flammable. They are exposed to large amounts of heat and have the moisture removed from it.

To reduce any of the potential risks, it is imperative to clean the lint screen thoroughly before every load to reduce the amount of buildup in the vents and to make the machine run more efficiently. Failing to do so leaves everyone around at risk. If you suspect that there may be a problem with your dryer, please do not hesitate to call us.

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We set ourselves apart from our competition by providing some of the more affordable appliance repair services and effective duct cleaning anywhere in the county. Many people overlook this very important area of their property, but failing to keep ducts clean can lead to many costly issues. Expensive air conditioning units are forced to work harder to provide the same level of ventilation. This can lead to a reduced service life and the chance for failure. Electricity bills also rise when the vents are clogged. Debris and other types of buildup accumulate over time and can seriously reduce the amount of air that can pass through the system. Indoor allergens also rise when there is excessive buildup in the ventilation system. Many of our services may be much less that you are anticipating. Call us today to schedule an evaluation with one of our professional appliance repair Orem, Utah technicians.